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CSquared: Tech Wizard and Paragraph Woman

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/csquare-tech-wizard-and-paragraph-woman Episode three is the podcast of all podcasts! Caeden and Christina talk about why Christina doesn't appreciate Caeden, COVID shame, and Apple products, specifically...

Disney+ vs. Apple TV

Streaming Services are everywhere now. Whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or something else entirely, many people have already discovered that streaming is...

Benefits of Being a $tudent

The last thing broke college students want to do is spend too much money. We want to spend it on clothing, shoes, phones, computer,...

Billie Eilish to Release Debut Album

Spiders and possessions may make some people feel uneasy; as for Billie Eilish, it is just a part of her musical aesthetic. Alternative singer...

The Future of Technology

Written by Kristyn Ewing. Media by Sara Dawson. When thinking about the future of technology, part of me gets excited and the other gets scared....

Apple Ethics Questioned

Written Lauren Buser. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Technology and technological advances are an important asset to day-to-day life. Apple products have become a very...

Shtuff Cubed Podcast #11: Pop Tarts!

The boys visit the pop-tart's 50 year anniversary, the next Steve Jobs movie, apple products and more! Tweet us at: #GCShtuffCubed

An Apple A Day: iOS 7 and iPhone 5S review

Revolutionary. Advanced. Progress. Flawless. These are normally buzzwords when selling an idea to a massive audience. You want to be able to sell your product to the consumer and in turn, keep them coming back for more. Apple has been at the forefront of these buzzwords. Ever since the introduction of the iPod, Apple has been going full steam ahead into the technological realm, creating better and faster ways for college students to get distracted from homework.

Thumbs are Talking: Addicted to Texting

Written by Kristin Minshall. Remember house phones? It is strange to think that landline telephones have become almost obsolete. Think back to the days where you...

World in Briefs

by Kevin Dunne. Germany Maybe it’s because Oktoberfest is happening, and they had a few too many, maybe it’s from seeing movies like Heat too many...