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Important CORE 401 Information

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez & Morgan Johnson. Media by Katie Wallace. Rumors that changes are being made to the CORE 401 curriculum include the class changing to...

Stunnington Lands a Lady

There’s no doubt that every lady on this campus has swooned over Dr. Dunnington at some point in their 4 year career here. The way he slings that satchel over his shoulder and struts himself across Scott Field in that plaid button up with the fleece vest could make even the most anti ring-by-spring girl change her mind.

Balls and Strikes now Challengeable: MLBPA Reports

Report- In midst of the new challenge plays in major league baseball, Commissioner Bud Selig has now confirmed that managers will have the ability to debate ball and strike calls throughout the game. In such a case, the confronting manager will ask the home plate umpire for a replay review. Both managers will then take out the folding table and chairs tucked in the backstop behind home plate, sit down, and have a debate on whether or not the pitch was a ball or strike.

GC Speaks: What is your most favorite Fools’ day prank of...

What is your most favorite Fools day prank of all time?