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Podcast: Arley Cornell – Digital Media Major

Arley Cornell is a graduating senior Digital Media student at Greenville College. Throughout his four years of school, he has had many sweet opportunities to build his professional portfolio and to further development his skills, and love, for his craft. Listen to the podcast below for some insight into his time as a DM student, and also what the Digital Media major has to offer.

Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 14 – Sausage Kitty

In this episode, Adam and Jake discuss some incredibly weird news involving a sausage kitty, dead-but-alive deer and 77 rabbits. In other news, there's a free movie at the Globe Theater Friday at 7 and 9:30pm. Follow Adam and Jake on Twitter.

GTD – Yes and No

Written by Arley Cornell. David Allen spoke about expediting tasks and problems to external devices and entities - instead of trying to process a million...