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Zion National Park – Spring Break for the Adventurous!

“Oh, you know, just hiked 30-odd miles in the wilds of Utah. Nothing special.” I’d never been all the way out to Utah before. Well, I’d never actually been out West farther than Kansas City before, to be perfectly honest. But there we were, crammed into the back of a people mover with all our gear, on our way out to Zion National Park.

7 Misconceptions about the Mysterious Backpacking Trip: WalkAbout

WalkAbout. All we know is that it’s long, in the woods, and something about Chacos. Due to the lack of clarification, we’ve highlighted and addressed some misconceptions about WalkAbout.

Texas Backpacking Trip

Who said Spring Break couldn't be full of surprises? (Actually, I have never heard anyone utter an opinion one way or the other on that subject -- just needed an attention-getting opener.) (It worked -- you're still reading.) Like other stories I've heard from fellow sojourners about their trips (or nontrips) over Spring Break, my Spring Break experience didn't exactly go according to plan. In fact, our backpacking adventure to Big Bend National Park in Texas unfolded much differently then our fearless leader, Dustin Fenton, and the rest of our band of merry hikers had anticipated. However, the trip proved to be an incredible experience despite the surprises. Though freezing temperatures, strong winds, a severe drought, and repeated warnings of mountain lions and bears tried to subdue us, we stood our ground and conquered the wilderness like seasoned explorers.