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Who Will Win Most Valuable Player?

Written and Media by Justin Willis. The regular NBA (National Basketball Association) season is wrapping up and the NBA playoffs are in full swing. There are usually...

The Madness Begins

As the weather cools down an ache forms in the back of your brain. You try to contain the twitching, but your body cannot overcome the madness. Slowly your feet give in too, and you find yourself walking into the HJ Long Gymnasium. Finally all the rage bursts out when you see Todd Albertson swish a jump shot, and you explode into uncontrollable clapping and screaming. This is the madness that is Greenville basketball. Monday night, the men’s and women’s basketball teams held their annual Midnight Madness to hype up Greenville College for their upcoming season. A high flying dunk contest, along with an everyone-plays knockout event shot the basketball mood onto campus.