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Dennis Rodman and North Korea?

There are a lot of weird things in the world. Volcanoes, deep-sea creatures, Macklemore—you name it. If you’re keeping a list of these things, make sure to make room for something else—Dennis Rodman. The former NBA player has recently stated his intention to open up a form of “basketball diplomacy” between the United States and North Korea. Yep, this is real.

NBA Playoffs Update

Written by Ryan Cole & Media by Mikey Ward. NBA Playoff Update (April 22) The first wave of playoffs games came to a close late Sunday night with every home team stealing the first victory. From a buzzer beater finish in one series, to a blowout in another, the beginning of the playoffs has started with a bang and we are here to keep you informed!

5 Teams to watch In the NCAA Tourney

Louisville: A lot of college basketball analysts have picked them to win it all this year. Before dominating their first two opponents of the tournament, Rick Pitino's team were on a 10-game winning streak and won the Big East conference tournament. Needless to say, you would not be ill-advised to root for Pitino and Company. This team has two outstanding guards in Peyton Siva and Russ Smith. Smith is the team’s leading scorer averaging 18.2 ppg. They also have a very strong and physical front line led by Gorgui Dieng. Dieng is an excellent shot blocker and rebounder who also averages 10 ppg. Louisville also is one of the best defensive teams in the nation, they do a very good job of deflecting the ball and making it miserable for the offense. Last but not least Louisville was in the final four last year, and although they did not win the championship that run definitely proved they have what it takes to make a run again. They are the popular pick for good reason, look for the cardinals to make a similar run and return to the final four. Miami: The Hurricanes have been one of the most exciting stories this year in college basketball. After sneaking by an underrated Illinois team, the round of sixteen will prove how good these guys truly are. Shane Larkin is a star, and his supporting class is experienced and hungry for a final four berth. Not a single player on this team has played in one NCAA tournament game before last Friday and it showed against the less talented Illini team. This raises a lot of speculation going into next weekend, but their coach Jim Larranaga will have them ready. Larranaga took an 11 seed, George Mason, to the final four in 2007. Consequently he knows what it takes and will have the Hurricanes ready to play. If this Miami team can take on the challenge of the big stage and act like they have been there before, watch out because they are as talented as any this year.

NBA All-Star Weekend: Painfully Boring

If you spent more than twenty minutes watching the venues of the NBA All-Star Weekend then you either have no idea when to turn off the television or enjoy inexplicable bouts of torturing boredom. If I were to describe the All-Star weekend in one word it would in fact be, boredom. What once was an attempt to maximize viewership over a three-day weekend event has now turned into one of the most disappointing sports venues in all professional sports. Let’s take a look at what makes the weekend painful to watch and who may be culpable for the corruption of what once was the most exciting weekend in sports.

Second half woes Botch Panthers Senior Finale

Written by Joe Hubbs and DM by Ryan St. Hill. Senior Day left a bittersweet taste for the Panthers who started off hot in Saturday’s...

Barber and co. left asking questions

Written by Mike Ward. Media by Mike Ward. Despite not having the leading scorer in the conference Saturday afternoon, Spalding's Mens Basketball team left head...

Barber’s Boys Bombard Blackburn

Plagued by a multitude of turnovers Tuesday night, the Blackburn Beavers basketball team resembled that of Mike D'Antoni's current Los Angeles Lakers. Consequently, the...

Favoritism Among Athletics

Written by Erica Siddle. Athletic favoritism has affected sporting teams from the preschool level to the professional leagues for as long as there have been...

Athlete Profile: Katelyn Wise

Athlete Profile Name: Katelyn Wise Hometown: Rochester, IL Position: Center Favorite position to play and why: Center, because who doesn't want to get out a little aggression by working hard...

It’s Time For Some Basketball!

Written by Simon Martin.  The Greenville men’s basketball team began its 2012-2013 season with Midnight Madness on Oct. 14, 2012. Midnight Madness was a fun...