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Sports Shorts 02.

Written & Media by Mikey Ward Matt Bonner's Left-Handed Drive: I turned on the TV Saturday afternoon and was greeted by this sight of the Red Mamba. I was baffled. The level of awkwardness exuding from this left-handed drive is incredible. Matt Bonner usually looks like a fish out of water on court, but on this drive he out does himself. He begins by pump faking and getting a step on one of the few people he can in the NBA, Pau Gasol. From there he simultaneously dribbles the ball like a 9-year old at camp; his eyes are on the ball, his right hand is acting like a force field between the ball and Gasol, and he goes up for the shot like he is expecting to get blocked. However, due to the Lakers lack-luster help defense, the Mamba finishes the play with a half-hearted skyhook that is clearly bound to go in. But, as the most awkward player in the NBA, Bonner sits starring at the basket after his shot went in (I think he was in disbelief that a play he hadn't successfully orchestrated since high school just worked against the Lakers). Needless to say, I had a feeling the Spurs would win this contest after I watched the Lakers allow the Red Mamba to embarrass them so emphatically in the 2nd quarter. Paul George: The budding star for the Indiana Pacers came to play Saturday against the Atlanta Hawks. He completed his first triple double in the Playoffs and provided an emphatic block over Shelvin Mack early into the fourth quarter. This dunk was very Lebron-esk. George came from behind on a fast-break driving Mack. Mack put up a lack luster floater that resembled a volleyball set than a shot. The hustling George (not an anomaly) appropriately attacked the ball like Misty May would and sent the ball flying off the backboard. At the highest point, George was easily at 12 feet in the air. George's athletic ability and tenacity carried the Pacers past a barely above average Hawks team in game one. I would not be surprised if the Pacers sweep the Hawks and give the Knicks a great run for their money in the second round of the Playoffs. Furthermore, Paul George is a rising star and is going to continue to provide plays that make us react like this: Kid President Laugh Party.