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CSquared: The Truth About the COVID Vaccine

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/csquared-the-truth-about-the-covid-vaccine Welcome back for another podcast by Caeden and Christina. In this podcast, we discuss the hot topic issue: the COVID-19 vaccine. We discuss personal...

Just a Wet Messy 7yr Old

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/csquared-just-a-wet-messy-7r-old Welcome back to the podcast after a hiatus of almost two weeks! In this podcast Caeden and Christina talk about "Spring Break", a traumatic...

CSquared: Tech Wizard and Paragraph Woman

https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/csquare-tech-wizard-and-paragraph-woman Episode three is the podcast of all podcasts! Caeden and Christina talk about why Christina doesn't appreciate Caeden, COVID shame, and Apple products, specifically...