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It’s Not Snake Oil!

Written and Media by Momoka Murata. Snake oil means something fake or phony.  But we actually do get something of value from snakes: particularly poisonous...

Dangers of Tattoos

Written by Leanna Westerhof. DM by Caitlyn Campbell. Tattoos are seen in many different lights. Some people consider them cool or artistic, others see them...

Chad Carr, 5, dies after fight with cancer

Article and Media by Andrea Martin. Chad Carr, the grandson of former University of Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr, passed away on Nov. 23...

Brittany Maynard Ends Life – Assisted Suicide

Written by Andrea Martin, Media by Jack Wang. Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old woman diagnosed with brain cancer, died after advocating her right to end her life on...

Breast Cancer Blowout

Almost everyone knows of Breast Cancer. Most probably aren’t experts on the subject, but many do know of this type of cancer and feel that it’s a serious problem for women and has affected the lives of many and their families. Breast Cancer is often represented and acknowledged in various ways: Commercials, stores, jewelry, it’s supported in some sports, the pink ribbon (which has become a symbol for Breast Cancer), pink clothing, and October has even become Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Personally, I feel that Breast Cancer is more represented that other cancer types and other illnesses and diseases in general. Yes, Breast Cancer is very important and should be taken seriously, but other diseases should be taken just as seriously.

Christians and Tobacco Use

The question being asked is if it is wrong for a Christian to use tobacco. In my opinion, it is not necessarily a sin to use tobacco. But it is an unwise decision and we, as Christians, are encouraged to use wisdom. Therefore, though I am not sure what stance I would take if I was flat out asked, “Is it a sin to use tobacco?” I believe that Christians should not use it.