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The Last Dance is a Must-Watch Series

Michael Jordan is widely known as the greatest of all time in the sport of basketball and some even say of all sports. There...

They’re Back!

Written and Media by Yoshiko Tanimura. As the final leaves begin to fall off the trees, the cold weather sets in, and the outdoor sports...

Clearing the Stands: Are Apathetic Fans Pathetic or Virtuous?

Last week Joe Hubbs wrote an article about his experience as an ‘ecstatic fan’. In it, he describes and dismisses the so-called ‘apathetic fan’. According to him, such a fan is someone who “associates themselves with a team, but hardly cares if they win or lose.” However, Hubbs goes on to associate the term “bandwagon” with apathy. Although I agree with Joe in my disdain for bandwagon fans, I cannot associate them with apathy. In fact, it is rather problematic to associate the two. This is because I have met the likes of the most die-hard bandwagon fans while at Greenville College and I must say, they are not apathetic about their tendency to cheer for the next best team. That being said, it is intriguing to think about what qualities a so-called “apathetic fan” would demonstrate. Would they show any interest in sports at all or merely observe? Do they only feel the need to be a fan once or twice a year? Do they neglect to be a full-fledged fan because they do not feel invested into a particular team or community of fans? This whole idea may be trivial. However, it is peculiar to live in a society driven by spiritual apathy, and yet observe the overwhelming passion the majority has for a sport or specific team.