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Panthers Fall in Season Opener to Millikin, 66-24

Written & Media by Joe Hubbs On a wet, dreary Saturday Sept. 6, the Panthers took a big loss to the Big Blue on their...

Faith in Sports: Cody Lopez

The world of sports is a riveting place that has captivated the eyes of audiences everywhere since the beginning of human existence. From the day a boy is born, daddy clothes him in a football jersey and subjects him to any sport contest he can find on T.V. As the boy grows up, he picks up several societal messages that tell him sport is life. Unfortunately the people we idolize playing sports on screen don’t always have the best morals. We worship prima donnas, quickly forgiving their antics off the field because they are such gifted athletes. I won’t buy it. I believe that all our worship should go to God and God alone. No, sports are not the devil, like Bobby Bucher’s mother would suggest, and we should not deter kids from playing a game they love.