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Christians Rated “R”: Part 1 (Why)

Since the Hollywood first began its assault on humanity with all of its ubiquitous glitz and glamour, it has been known to push the envelope concerning objectionable content. While it is not alone in this direction (music, theatre, and any form of the arts are also known for this), the purpose of this article is to address movies, though the views presented here could be taken into the other categories as well. As Christians, many of us are more than ready to push back against this style of movie-making. It conveys a lifestyle and actions that we do not agree with, and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that such movies do not get made. However, is this a truly justified stance? Can there be some truth found in movies that contain objectionable content? Could there be some “good” in rated R movies? Overall, is it wise to see a movie that seemingly goes against what is written on the hearts of Christians?