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Final Note to the Greenville College Community

Written by Jessie Polley. Media by Justin Smith. I can’t believe four years have gone by us already. I would be really cliche and could...

Chapel – Christmas Candle Lighting

On Wednesday, December 11, the Christmas Candle Lighting chapel took place. Full of excitement, students experienced one of Greenville College's favorite traditions. A worship service that is both awe inspiring and humbling. It is amazing to see how this tradition has developed on GC campus over the years. If you happened to miss this beautiful tradition, here is an opportunity to see what took place.

Christian Hospitality

This week in the senior capstone class, Foundations of Christian Doctrine, we discussed liturgy and society. Though many different trails can be explored when discussing liturgy and society, Dr. Hartley made a point in class regarding hospitality that lead me down my own trail.

Breaking Bread

Written By Brittney Gilleland. Media added by Sean McFarland.   Last Wednesday morning, students gathered in the gym for a chapel that they wouldn’t forget. With...

Global Impact Week Events

Global Impact Week is a time for students to learn about opportunities to serve the community, both close and far from home. Missions organizations supported by the Free Methodist Denomination, local churches, and Greenville College will speak to students about how to get involved, big and small. Here is a list of events for this year’s annual Global Impact Week:

GC Speaks: Change to GC Community

With Ivan Filby stepping through the revolving door of GC Presidents, change is once again in the air. What changes would you like to see in the Greenville College community over the next several years?

Dr. Tony Steinbock Chapel and Lecture

Written by Rachel Stewart. Media by Kat Kelley For this year’s Samuel Sandmel Memorial Lecture, Greenville was privileged to host Dr. Tony Steinbock, a professor of Philosophy at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. During his time here Steinbock addressed students at a chapel address in the morning, as well as a colloquium in the afternoon.

Rebuilding “Community”

Written by Tyler Lamb and Media by Michael Trieb. Just recently, Community aired its season 4 premier episode on NBC. It is safe to say that...

Why Aren’t You Watching This? Community

Written by Tyler Lamb. Out of all the comedies that have been airing over the past few years, there is only one that has constantly...