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Tag: creative

What Can you Dream?

Dreams is an incredible game to start the new year off with, it could possibly be one of the best games in the year...

The CreativesCast Ep. 8 – God and Technology

In this episode of the CreativesCast, the crew discusses the ideas of technology and religion, specifically in Christianity. We dive deep into some ethics...

The CreativesCast Ep. 7 THE LOST EPISODE – Getting Things Done

On this episode of The CreativesCast, we talk about our processes on how we get things done in our already chaotic lives. We also...

The CreativesCast Ep. 6 – #remix

Were back after a week break! In this episode, we discuss the idea of remix media in various industries, including insight into the music...

The CreativesCast Episode 5 – Christian Media

In this weeks episode, we have special guest Ivy Lyons sit in with the normal crew and discuss the topic of Christian Media and...

The CreativesCast Episode 4 – Dream Job

This week, we talk about their dream jobs and what would turn someone off from pursuing their "dream job". We also got into #tangenttime...

The CreativesCast: Digital Manipulation

In this episode, the crew discusses digital manipulation in many industries. There is also some insight into how it is good to accompany style...

The Weird Art Guy On Campus

Written and Media by Ben Isaacs. Who is Jacob Amundson, and what does he do? He is widely known as “the weird art guy on...

Bible Journaling

Written and media by Maggie Schoepke. The key to any good organization is communication. People skills such as psychology, sociology, and business are often requirements...

Where Worlds Collide: Painting

Written and Media by Tyler Wright. Welcome to the Papyrus' second installment of Where Worlds Collide, where we take a closer look at where GC students...