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It’s Not a Small World: Three Reasons Students Should Study Abroad

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton.   Studying at a college or university has many advantages that are often overlooked by students. One is...

Feminism and the Media: Reshaping our Perceptions of Women

Written by Beth Watkins.  Media by Stephen Hillrich. American media has never been kind to women.  Whether it’s the bikini-clad woman sensually devouring a Hardee’s...

Chinese Spring Festival

Written by Levi Jublet, Media by Jack Wang On February 20, GCSA invited the GC community to come out and celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival/New...

Top Seven Facts about Cinco de Mayo

Following the joy that accompanies Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!), we can all be very excited about Cinco de Mayo. This is a holiday most of us observe with a simple remembrance of elementary Spanish (“Oh yeah, that’s May 5th), so in case you’re somewhat rusty on your Cinco de Mayo particulars, here are a few facts about the holiday for your reading pleasure!

Top Greenville College Chapel Songs of ’13-14

During my preview visits to Greenville College before attending, one of my favorite things about the college was Chapel, and specifically the time of worship through music. I noticed a high standard of musicianship, and also a passion and energy in the congregation of students. Greenville College requires students to attend a certain number of chapel services, which exposes students to a large amount of worship time.

Cuisine And Culture

t really doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to filling that cross-cultural requirement. This past interterm, I was privileged to be in the first-ever Cuisine and Culture class, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. What better way to learn about other cultures than to experience their foods firsthand?

Yay for Yarn!

The similarities are enough to put knitting and crocheting in the same family of crafts. Both require large quantities of yarn. Both can create a host of cold weather accessories including hats, scarves, and mittens. Both are enjoyed by a growing number of GC students.

Digital Media Portfolios

The Digital Media Department would like to invite you to the presentation of Senior Portfolios on Wednesday December 12 beginning at 7pm in the...