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Tag: debate

Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

Written and Media by Ethan Maurer. The question of the century; Is a hot dog a sandwich? Nobody knows for sure, but we sure act...

Raise Your Voice

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Ben Isaacs. The attempt to silence senator Elizabeth Warren has only made her voice louder. While on the Senate...

Presidential Debate

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Caitlyn Campbell. The first presidential debate of this election cycle aired a couple weeks ago and people have extremely...

Black Lives Matter, too

Written by Lexi Baysinger. Media by Riley Hannula.   The Upper Union filled to the brim with students, faculty, and community members who wanted to learn...

Who Came First, the Chicken or the Big Bang?

This Tuesday, a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham was televised live in the DMC for students to attend. The basic concept the two men addressed was ‘whether or not creation is a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era’. A discussion led by Dr. Darrell Iler followed the event in which questions were fielded and opinions shared.

Christians Rated R: Part II (How)

Last week, in response to the Papyrus opening up the entertainment section to reviewing rated “R” films, Austin Schumacher posted an article providing an argument why Christians should engage such films, even when they have received this rating because of objectionable or offensive content such as gruesome violence, blatant sexuality, or profane language. In this he cites reasons of the need to portray the reality of life in art - life can definitely be gruesome, blatant, and profane at times - as well as the fact that our sacred texts include stories with similar content. In discussions with me, Austin thought that I would do well at providing a part II to his initial article on “why” Christians should engage these types of film, and therefore, I have been drafted into tackling the idea of “how” Christians should go about this engagement. I have decided to go about this by first developing a theoretical model for engagement that can apply to all types of art - not just film - and then take the model and practically apply it to an “R” rated film to provide an example of how this theory works in practice. The application will come in the final installment of “Christians Rated R” next week, and this week I will focus on the theoretical aspect of engaging art. Because I’m splitting this into two weeks, this week’s article may seem to stray a bit on the broad side - away from films specifically - but hang with me until next week, and I hope it will begin to make a bit of sense.