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One in Four: An Inside Look at Mental Illness

Written by Kaylee Summers. Media by Katie Wallace. Can life really change? Why do I matter? These may be some of the many thoughts...

Robin Williams’ Death Ruled A Suicide

Written by Andrea Martin, Media by Jack Wang After an autopsy it has been reported that there were no drugs or alcohol in Robin William’s...

Powertalk! EP. 3

Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of Powertalk! This week we talk about The Sunny Side of Depression, The IPhone 6 plus' unexpected...

The Sunny Side of Depression

Written by Mallory Sample. Media by Tyler Lamb.   With the recent death of comedian Robin Williams, depression and suicide have found themselves in the spotlight....

ShtuffCubed Podcast: Set Free Podcasting!

This Podast takes a more sober tone as Logan and Jimmy talk about human trafficking, slavery, and more dark things happening in the world. Although it may be scary, you are part of this world as well; and if you ever see anything that is wrong or sense anything that is off key, call: