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Morality vs. Preference

Written and Media by Ben Casey. If you spend enough time on the internet, you’ll find the phrase, “Only God can judge me,” is thrown around...

Defining Organic

Written by Lauren Buser | Media by Thomas Hajny The end of the year is coming fast, and in the back of everyone's mind are those...

Mindful Options to Spice up the School Day

Mindful Options, a new line of food being served by Sodexo Food Services, has made its way to the Dining Commons (DC) at Greenville College this fall. When Greenville students returned to school after summer vacation this year, they were probably expecting the same old food in the Dining Commons as last year. A lot of students can be heard complaining about the DC food, if not about the poor quality, than about the repetition of the same meals served again and again. But the Sodexo staff had a surprise in store: a new line in the DC called Mindful Options.