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Media Madness

It’s bedtime, and just as I’m starting to fall asleep I’m blinded by what seems to be the light of one thousand suns. I look over my pillow and see something lit up, my phone. The urge grows stronger as I fight to sleep but can’t stop thinking about the notification that has popped up. Who texted me? What if it’s an emergency? I have to know. Once again my body loses out on much needed sleep as I reach over and find out it’s just a notification for a game.

Campus Profile: WGRN

Written by Jonathan Barker. Media by Paul Anderson. Did you know Greenville College has a radio station on campus? Well, if you didn’t, 89.5 WGRN...

Greenville Alumni Pretends To Have It All Figured Out, Doesn’t

I loved every bit of my time at Greenville College. Even the parts that I hated, I loved. It feels like just yesterday that I was staying up until 3 AM for no good reason and then skipping my morning classes... Kidding, of course! I was always the model student. Just ask Deloy Cole, he’ll vouch for me. I know, it's really only just begun, but life after college has been a crazy ride so far with plenty of highs and lows. As stressful as the ride is, it’s all been worth it in the end (you know...so far).

Ten Things Being a Digital Media Major Taught Me

Digital Media is an awesome major that Greenville College offers. This major allows us to think creatively and allows our ideas and concepts to be brought to life through photography, video, graphic design, web and many more. So far, I've learned a lot about time management and want to share my thoughts and helpful tips on how to make the most of being a Digital Media major.

González Movie Review

Article and Media by: Charley Phillips. Gonzalez is one of the five movies I saw while attending the Chicago Film Festival in October. After seeing all...

Furious Pixels

On April 28, Greenville’s division of AIGA hosted a Furious Pixels competition based on the concept of Pixels of Fury, a “live creative inspiration tournament” sponsored by Shutterstock.

The AAA’s Awards: Big Toasted Ravioli

ADDY Awards It is a rapturous occasion when one wins an award. I’m not talking about an “everyone gets a trophy for participating” kind of award; I’m talking about Academy Awards style award.

Defeating the Creative Block

As Common Day of Learning quickly approaches, students are provided with countless new learning opportunities in the form of COR 401 senior capstone projects. The theme for this semester’s educational journey is “Cosmos and Creativity”, challenging seniors to explore their creative existence and how it fits into the larger story of God’s creative nature.

AIGA Halloween Screen Printing Bash!

The Greenville College AIGA group would like to invite everyone on campus to our Halloween event! On October 30th, from 6:30-8:30pm there will be activities held in the Mave’s Art Building, which include screen printing and snacks. The Mave’s Art Building is located on Beaumont Avenue west of campus, so walk on over and look for the event in the open studio area. Halloween costumes are highly recommended but not required!

Artist Spotlight: Chase Weber

Interview and Media by Mikey Trieb. Name Chase Weber Year at Greenville Senior Major Audio Engineering