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Tag: Doctor Who Week

Doctor Who Week: In The Nick Of Time (Catching Up...

Before I begin this article, there’s a very important date coming up quickly. November 25th. It might seem like an ordinary day but it’s a day that’s been 50 years in the making. I’m of course referring to the premiere of the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. I know what you’re thinking now: “I don’t even watch Doctor Who. But my incredibly nerdy roommate who has fifteen shirts, nine mugs, two posters, and tall silver plastic stick that glows and makes a funny noise does. I don’t have that kind of money or time, how many seasons are there? Like fifty?”

Doctor Who Week: A Brief History of The Doctor

BBC’s Doctor Who is a show that makes up its own rules when it comes to storytelling. With the jumping and crossing of timelines, regeneration, and now even a mysterious unknown Doctor, never has a story been so complex, dynamic, and intriguing as that of the favored Time Lord.

Doctor Who Week: Top 5 Doctor Who Villains

When it comes to Doctor Who villains, there are a lot. Almost every episode brings in a new bad guy for the Doctor to fight off, and each one has their own special place in the heart of every Whovian. However, everyone can pick their favorites and some villains are about as iconic as the Doctor himself. This weeks top 5 is sticking with the entertainment section's Doctor Who theme for the week and is going to talk about these villains. The ones who help make the story as much as the Doctor does, and that would be almost impossible to think of being beaten for good.

Doctor Who Week: Theories on the 50th Anniversary Episode

There have been many theories about the upcoming 50th anniversary over time. For the most part it seems all the signs are pointing into one direction. It seems that most of the questions have been answered, or at least made more clear to the fans. The release of the short “The Night of the Doctor” really helped this. If you haven’t watched that video yet, do so before reading on. Here is what we know so far about the 50th and what it will be.