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Sustainability: What are we fighting? What are we defending?

When looking up the definition of the word "sustainable", I found two definitions: "able to be maintained at a certain rate or level" and "able to be upheld or defended". While both of these definitions are valid, I think that they are also quite different. The first definition seems to be talking about something that needs to be kept up and as it says "maintained". But, the second definition says something that n

Water, Water Everywhere! : A look into American environmental policies

Water systems that have ground water sourced may be susceptible to fecal contamination. In many cases, fecal contaminations can contain disease causing pathogens. The GWR will provide increased protection against microbial pathogens” (water.epa.gov). “Why is EPA taking a risk-based approach to protect drinking water provided by ground water systems? An evaluation of data on outbreaks and the occurrence of waterborne viral and bacterial pathogens and indicators of fecal contamination in ground water supplying public water systems (PWS) wells indicate that there is a subset of ground water systems (GWS) that are susceptible to fecal contamination” (water.epa.gov).