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Let God Handle that and just Breathe

Do you feel tired? Do classes seem to be hard to catch up? Do you want to crawl to bed and never leave? Well,...

Importance of Exercise for College Students

As college students, many feel as if there is simply not enough time in the day.  Between classes, homework, exams, sleep, fitting in the...

Four Ways to Relieve Stress

Written by Allison Perry. Media by Kelsey Middleton. The Oxford Dictionary defines stress as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or...

Healthy Lifestyle

Article by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.   Living a Healthy Life Now that the semester is in full swing, it is time to start a...

Beat Those Winter Blues

Written by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.   It's time to beat the winter blues that haunt us all around January and February. The holiday...

Pushing Through:Tips to Finish off the Semester Strong

School and life is full of stress and pressure, but in order to keep sane, we have to find ways to release the stress and pressure that comes with school, family, friends, and jobs. The following are some suggestions to keep your sanity during the semester and in life.