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Sweaterz: A fashionable, seasonal personality test

Tis the season for sweaters! As the temperatures continue to drop, the need for a great sweater increases. A little known fact, though, is that a sweater can say a lot about one’s personality. Because of this fact, the Papyrus has created for you all a little quiz to tell you what type of sweater best fits your personality.

A Note on Holiday Music

We are living in the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving in which debates rage over the appearance of Christmas spirit. From the early arrival of Christmas decorations in stores to the beginning of Christmas shopping deals, Thanksgiving begins to feel like the forgotten holiday. I would propose, though, that the point of most contention among Christmas crazies and Ebeneezer Scrooges is the time at which listening to Christmas music becomes appropriate. Now there are several schools of thought on when on should begin listening to Christmas music, so in this article we will attempt to gain a better understanding of each.