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Best Food in Greenville

By: Yuena Tong, Dustin Konvalinka, Hanbo Yi https://youtu.be/Tp996zbiSrY

Worst Place to Eat in Greenville

By: Yuena Tong, Dustin Konvalinka, and Hanbo Yi https://youtu.be/EL-ZxW-bzTg

10 Ways to Battle Disney Depression

1. Visit the Parks Virtually Disney owns 12 different parks around the world, and you can visit every one of them virtually! Pick a...

GU Students are Thankful!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone is ready! Watch this video to hear about Thanksgiving traditions and the traditions of other parts...

Download and Dine

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere, but you're also super hungry? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to order...

Spring Fling Has a Good Ring To It

This past Friday night, March 29, in Ladue Auditorium, WGRN hosted their first-ever Spring Fling! It included food, music, dancing, a photo booth, a Mrs. &...

Yeah or Nah: Pregnancy cravings

A group of GU throwers composed of Mitchell Hooten & Deb Cunningham, Brent King, Thomas Broomfield, Chris Crawford, and Maurice Radtke, try what some pregnant...

Burritt FALL-tivities

With the fall season upon us, Burrit Hall kicked it off with a fun gathering for all. Burritt is the oldest standing dorm at...

LetsBeReal Episode 2: Food

In this episode, The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams andColeton Gensler) talk about their favorite foods, and their opinions on the new food...

Battle of the Food: DC vs. Union

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Whitney Nichols. On campus, you have two options to go to eat: the Dining Commons or the Union. With...