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Three Women Found After Decade Missing

Written by Matthew Harper. DM by Bobby Williams. In one of the craziest stories of 2013 so far, three women who had been missing for a decade and were presumed dead were found in an Ohio home. They had been held captive and raped by 52-year-old Ariel Castro, who has now been charged not only with the kidnappings but also murder, as he reportedly forced a miscarriage for at least one of the women after impregnating her.

9/11 Debris Discovered in NY

Written by Matthew Harper. Media by Bobby Williams. Nearly 12 years after the attack that terrified our nation, new debris from one of the planes that struck the World Trade Center towers has been discovered. Just behind the site of a controversial Islamic community center near Ground Zero, a 5-foot piece of landing gear was found on Wednesday, April 17.

Adam and Jake Homework Break Episode 13 – Lost Puss In...

In this podcast, Adam and Jake talk about their spring breaks, new Papyrus articles and the weird news which includes satan looking like Obama and a movie-esque prison escape. Also, they are going to lose a Puss in Boots toy.