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A Reason To Stay On Campus: Ultimate Frisbee

It would certainly be foolish to say that Greenville isn't a suitcase campus. The atmosphere of any weekday or night is almost otherworldly compared...

An “Ultimate” Weekend for Greenville College Students

Cameron Brock, player for the Indianapolis Alleycats ultimate disc team, visited the Greenville ultimate group this past weekend to help teach fundamentals and skills, as well as play a few pick-up games. Greenville College's very own Adam "BopBop" Crouch has forged a friendship with Brock, as he is an avid ultimate fan and recreational player. Crouch invited Brock to come to Greenville last year, and Brock recently found some free time to come this past weekend. Brock is not just any ordinary professional ultimate player; he holds the record for most goals scored in a game, a season, and a career.

Abnormal Athletics: Ultimate Frisbee

Written by Adam Crouch.      The environment of Greenville, especially at the college, is one that forces you to either be bored to tears...