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Jump Force, An Otaku’s Dream Come True?

Jump Force is a brand new crossover fighting game developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It has characters from various...

GU Esports: Overwatch Week 2

Greenville University Esports began this year with Overwatch, and other competitive video games will follow.  On Sunday, Sept. 30, GU Overwatch played two sets of games...

Gaming Club Smash Tournament!

The GU Gaming Club’s Smash Tournament had some intense moments to it, though a few of the beginning matches went by rather quickly. As...

What Happened to Old Video Games?

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Joey Unger. You know what I miss? Old video gaming. There’s plenty of innovative, clever, and creative new games...

From FarmVille to Stardew Valley and Yonder

Written by Sarah Burgener. Media by Yecheng Wang. In the past ten years, online gaming has become very popular because of the rise and advancement...

League of Learning: Attack Damage Carry

Written and Media by Miguel Fabela. Hello, and welcome to another article about League of Legends! Yes, you got it right! League of Legends, the eSport....

Majora’s Mask 3D

Written by: Logan Welliver. Media by: Charley Phillips. It’s here, it’s finally here. After years of speculation since the release of Ocarina of Time 3D...

Powertalk! EP 6

On this episode of Powertalk! we discuss some music, our favorite shows and games we're looking forward to. Jimmy gives you some details on...

Why It’s Time to Invest in a Wii U

The Wii U needs all the help it can get right now, but nobody wants to give it until Nintendo pushes units through its own first party software. So, what does Nintendo have coming down the pipeline? Well, two of Nintendo’s biggest franchises are landing on the platform this year, one of which is only weeks away, Mario Kart 8.

Virtual Violence

Children can be very easily influenced to do good and bad things, but video games alone don’t make children violent or lead them to turn to crime later on in life.For a child to become so violent and dangerous, they would have to witness it firsthand, e.i their parents or their peers. Babies and little kids are pure and don’t know right from wrong, as they get a little older, they do learn and grow a lot, but I don’t feel that kind of evil is in them, and it’s a little hard to believe playing a shooting game every weekend will send them over the edge.