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Greenville Men’s Basketball Takes it to the Diamond

At Greenville University, it is not uncommon to hear of things that may seem slightly unusual to those on the outside looking in. On...

Eric Williams: Fighting Failure and Overcoming Adversity

Many people in the world look at failure as this bad thing that hinders their lives. However, there are others who are strong and...

Multi-Spor​t Women Athletes

Greenville University is home to many student-athletes who strive both on their respected playing fields as well as in the classroom. Being an athlete...

The Man With The Plan: Isiah Price

Have you ever seen someone who was just an all-around skilled basketball player that worked hard on and off the court? Well, a certain...

3 Point Shootout: 3 on 3 Burritt Floor War Basketball!

Check out this live video of some crazy shooting and some interesting basketball being played here on campus! https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/170673347189973/

Women’s Basketball: A Success Story

Written and media By Jaylen Shelton. The Greenville Women's Basketball Team has had a great season so far this year. They have competed in 23 games...

From CA to GU

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Joseph Wood. “For myself, I saw it differently than what other people may think of Stockton, California," said Adam...

The Boy in the Front Seat

Written and Media by Kyler Stork. In the early days in the month of August for most students that means getting ready for school.  A...

Greenville Puts Up A Fight In SLIAC Championship

Written and Media by Kyler Stork. The fans didn't dissapoint at another SLIAC Tournament home game for the Panthers. The game was a white out...

Greenville Wins Outright SLIAC Championship

Written and Media by Kyler Stork. Many smiles, tears, and hugs from fans and parents seemed fitting on senior night for the Panther's. Coach Barber recognized...