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Where Is God in Art? An Interview with Dr. Lisa Sharpe

Written and media by Maggie Schoepke. As the new school year continues to roll in, students welcome another member to the faculty and staff of...

Ben Wayman

Greenville College will be welcoming Ben Wayman as the assistant professor in the philosophy and religion department this fall. Currently working alongside other clergy at Greenville St. Paul’s Free Methodist Church as pastor of administration and development, Wayman is excited to be taking on this new role in the fall. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Wayman grew up a preacher’s kid in a strong Christian household. Living under a Christian household shaped how Wayman views the world today. “It’s a very rich area and so I think I was always aware that being a Christian meant that we were different in some way.” His parents still live in the same house today, which is only a few blocks from the beach, and Wayman still feels it is home in many ways. He finds joy in visiting and knows it is now home for his kids as well.