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Waking Up “The Spitfire Grill”

The Factory Theatre's musical production of The Spitfire Grill toasts the spirit of American hospitality, even though the owner/manager of the Grill, saucily played by Joy Gorrell, seems at first only grudgingly hospitable. If you need a break and want to cozy up in someone else's place, The Spitfire Grill may be for you. The initial pace feels as slow as diner ketchup, which serves to illustrate the cheerless pothole of a town that is Gilead. The pace and mood pick up with Lindsay Ufert's sweet lilting song about the disasters she's causing at her new job as Grill cook. Still, the slow pace also showed the sluggishness of the dying town in winter, until spring comes and Percy comes up with the mustard seed idea for the Grill that gets the townsfolk to grow out of the thinking that has held them stagnant all this time.