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Embracing The Challenege

This past weekend, the Greenville Panthers football team were coming off a bye-week and traveled 12 hours one way to face their conference rival, College Of...

What’s the Papyrus???

When people hear the word Papyrus, they immediately wonder what the heck you are talking about. Well, let's find out what it means! Every week...

Lisa Sharon Harper: The Very Good Gospel

For the Business Management student who needs a topic for their Christian Leadership Observation Paper to the people who love to read the Papyrus....

New Faces and Fast Races

Freshmen year is naturally its own adjustment, but with the addition of athletes, the new faces on our Greenville women’s cross country team have...

GU Men’s Soccer vs Washington University STL 9/24

The Greenville University Men's Soccer Team faces off against both Washington University and rainy weather, check out some of the game captured live!   https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/474691863031026/

The Leader: Sean Brooks

As the football season continues to roll on, the grind never stops college football athletes who put in endless hours in the week for...

Greenville Womens Volleyball VS Principia

Greenville Women's Volleyball is off to an amazing season! Check out some quick action from our Women! https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/2040911785931574/

What Happened to Old Video Games?

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Joey Unger. You know what I miss? Old video gaming. There’s plenty of innovative, clever, and creative new games...

A Posh Campus

Written by Miranda Coffee. Media by Whitney Nichols. Everyone on campus has something they love to do and share with others. Whether that's making music,...

Finding Beauty in Brokenness

Written by Jonathan Bremer. Media by Cord Buchanan. The general nature of human beings makes it quite easy to point out flaws in the world...