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An Inspired Heart

Greenville University gives students the opportunity to help in many ways, including in school or off campus. There are wonderful opportunities where students can...

Summerview and Annah Peterson at the Blackroom Cafe

This Tuesday, Annah Peterson opened for the band, Summerview, in one of the first concerts of the semester. Summerview consists of two members, Taylor...

Katie Wolfram: Without Heart, it’s Just a Game

Greenville University women's basketball team has high hopes on dominating the court this year with passion, integrity, and persistent energy. Coaches, players, and even...

MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST! Enjoy watching some great GU Bands!

https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/329877407849463/ Midnight Breakfast, one of GU's most treasured events, was as "lit" as ever this round! Check out the music, and can we ever get...

Blackroom Cafe ft. Jake & Mikayla

If you like Country Music or music in general then STOP scrolling HERE! Jake and Mikayla, two Greenville country artists put on quite a show...

Ted Talk w/ Genesis Martinez

Are you a procrastinator? If you answered yes to that question then this TED Talk is for you! If you're not one, this TED...

Tour Life and Resources!

Student member and worker for the admissions at Greenville University Hailey Steffen is a well known provider for newcomers and recruits here at Greenville. Steffen...


GU Music students take worship night to the next level. Austin Simmons and Jasmine Webber host another night filled with worship and praise on November 4. Nick...

Coffee Brewing with the GU Papyrus!

Ethan Dixon and I along with Nick Corrigan brew coffee using pour over and French press methods. We were joined towards the end by a...

“Cheating 101” Greenville University Hacks!

Johnny Milabu and Kaitroy Hubbard Jr. help out college students with a solution to their everyday college problems! https://www.facebook.com/GUPapyrus/videos/307482036697590/