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The Bald Perspective Episode 2 Cinema with Sidequest

Written by Dylan Deppe. Produced by Matt Stoddard. In this episode of “The Bald Perspective,” Matt & Deppe are joined by SideQuest members Ben Casey &...

Nick Morrow’s Rookie Season as a Raider

Written and Produced by Genesis Martinez. Music By: Master Roshy Join KJ and Greg on the inside look on Nick Morrow's season on the Raiders! https://soundcloud.com/the-gc-papyrus/nick-morrows-rookie-season-as-a-raider  

Drake’s New Single Breaks Records

Written by Matt Gemmer. Media by Hengyi Chi. With the release of his new singles “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” on Jan. 19, Drake keeps...

Are You ‘Man’ Enough to be a Successful Musician?

Written by Johnny Hinton. Media by Jon Friedman.   Looking through the Grammy nominees a couple of weeks ago, I was stoked to see some of...

Men’s Basketball Week In Review

Written and media by Justin Willis. During the previous week of events, the Greenville Men's Basketball Team had their ups and downs. It started with last...

Is Lonzo Ball a Bust?

Written and media by Christian Caldozo. The NBA is now approaching its second month since the season has begun, and everyone is already making their...

Christian Media Podcast w/ Nathan Craig and Taylor Harpster

Produced by Taylor Harpster. In this podcast, Nathan Craig and Taylor Harpster discuss Christian media, the pros vs the cons of Christian media, how Christian...

Greenville University Football Wrap Up

Produced by Quinten Brown. This time on J&G Sports Podcasting Jake Vanwey and Greg Franchomme talk about the wrap up and conclusion of the Greenville...

2017 NBA Preseason

Written and media by Christian Caldozo. With summer ending and fall approaching, it is about that time of the year again when NBA basketball makes...