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Gym Rats Association

By: Ian Roach and Megan Chapman The Gym Rats Association reached out to us wanting us to create some eye-catching flyers to get their club...

The Search is On: Summer Jobs

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton. For college students, summer might seem like light years away. We may have just gotten back into...

Healthy Lifestyle

Article by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.   Living a Healthy Life Now that the semester is in full swing, it is time to start a...

Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

“He ended up gaining the freshman fifteen.” These are words no college student wants to hear or experience. It’s something that our parents and friends warn us about right before giving us a pat on the back and sending us off to college. It’s something that freshmen don’t want to believe to be true until they look in the mirror or on a scale and start to see a difference.


For many, the hardest part of working out isn’t cardio exercises or lifting weights, but simply walking into the gym. In other words, the gym can be intimidating.

Breaking Bread

Written By Brittney Gilleland. Media added by Sean McFarland.   Last Wednesday morning, students gathered in the gym for a chapel that they wouldn’t forget. With...