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Tag: healthy

A Fitness Journey You Need to Read

A former student of Greenville University, Gillian Bowman, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. I was given...

Why I Became a Vegetarian

Written by Jamie Bible. Media by Jon Friedman. I wish that I had a better story behind the original reason for my lifestyle change. In...

Spring Cleaning

Written and Media by Taylor Ratcliffe. Spring is finally here and most people are excited to switch their wardrobes and clean the places in their...

Healthy Lifestyle

Article by Megan Burns. Media by John Walnofer.   Living a Healthy Life Now that the semester is in full swing, it is time to start a...

The Scoop on Soup

Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Baylen Whitfield. It's winter time here in Southern Illinois, and for those of us who have lived here for...

Defining Organic

Written by Lauren Buser | Media by Thomas Hajny The end of the year is coming fast, and in the back of everyone's mind are those...

Lunch Re-make

We’ve all been there. It’s the same old going to the DC, looking around and feeling like there is no variety day in and day out. There are the same choices, and the same long lines. The repetition starts to get old, but many people find ways to be creative and try to escape the pattern of eating the same thing everyday.