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5 Tips for New Educators

Written by Liz Weder. Media by Michael Trieb. I can clearly recall my first day of teaching at Highland Middle School, 12 years ago. Students walked hurriedly down the hallway with wide eyes and smiles on their faces. A unique mixture of excitement and anxiety filled the air and settled in my heart. Everyone was hopeful to see their friends, but felt nervous about the experience of being in a new school. I hoped and prayed that the day would go well. Students approached my classroom door timidly with questioning looks. Each person was greeted by my smiling face and heard the comforting words, “Good morning! Welcome to my classroom. I will be your teacher this year.” The tension evaporated at the start of the new year. For me, my new career had just begun. For many new teachers, the first year of teaching can be a very exciting yet challenging time. The transition from being a student to becoming in charge of one’s own classroom can be filled with countless frustrations and stresses that can be difficult for new teachers to overcome. In a time when education is changing drastically with the adoption of the new Common Core Standards, changes in teacher evaluation, and many districts facing financial challenges due to lack of funding at the state level, the profession of education has challenged new teachers to excel quickly and take on many responsibilities. Here are some survival tips that new teachers can follow in order to make their first year of teaching a time filled with success.