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All College Hike 2019

On Sept. 11, Greenville University held its annual All College Hike. The University hike is a five-mile trip from in front of Whitlock to...

All College Hike 2k17

Written by Kieshaun Young-Jones. Media by Allyson Mitchell. Greenville University had its first annual All College Hike as GU on September 13. Greenville’s All College...

ShtuffCubed Podcast: WIll Podcast for Chacos!

One question has plagued man's mind since the beginning of time. A deep, festering curiosity burning in every heart on this earth - What is the best outdoor shoe? Well, now, we will find out. Join Logan and Jimmy on an epic quest to find the perfect shoe!

7 Misconceptions about the Mysterious Backpacking Trip: WalkAbout

WalkAbout. All we know is that it’s long, in the woods, and something about Chacos. Due to the lack of clarification, we’ve highlighted and addressed some misconceptions about WalkAbout.