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A Sunday Service with Kanye West

Well, believe it or not, Kanye West has his own church. Many people are wondering if Kanye is taking a little too serious his...

Young and Free; New worship for a new generation.

Worship music is often criticized for being boring and unoriginal. Every once in a while though, a new artist arrives on the scene and changes things up. Hillsong Church, based out of Sydney, Australia, is known world wide for writing and producing many of the popular worship songs used in churches all over the world under a variety of different artist names.

Top Greenville College Chapel Songs of ’13-14

During my preview visits to Greenville College before attending, one of my favorite things about the college was Chapel, and specifically the time of worship through music. I noticed a high standard of musicianship, and also a passion and energy in the congregation of students. Greenville College requires students to attend a certain number of chapel services, which exposes students to a large amount of worship time.