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“A Religious Man with a Scientific Mind”

Written by Samantha Paulin. Media by Kelsey Kuethe. This past Wednesday, Greenville College had the great privilege of hosting a colloquium by Dr. Jack Collins, a renowned Intelligent Design proponent, as he presented his views, both scientific and theological. Now I, along with 40 other students in Dr. Iler’s COR 302 class, were familiar with this concept of Intelligent Design, or ID, before attending the colloquium and Q&A with Dr. Collins later that evening in class, so I was extremely curious and more than a bit skeptical when it came time to listen to this man discuss his personal beliefs and opinions.

Intelligent Design Colloquium

Written by Krissy Chapman. Media by Kat Kelley. The Greenville Religion and Science Society (GRASS) sponsored a colloquium this past Wednesday, May 1, with author and noted speaker, Dr. Jack Collins. Dr. Collins, author of Science and Faith: Friends or Foes?, presented the topic ‘Is Intelligent Design Bad Theology?’ to Greenville College students and faculty. Dr. Collins is a professor of Old Testament at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He went to MIT for his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science and Systems Engineering, as well as Faith Lutheran Seminary for his M.Div., and the University of Liverpool for a Ph.D. in Hebrew linguistics. In addition to his many years of study, Dr. Collins has authored numerous books studying the creation story in Genesis.