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Indiana Jones and the Fifth Movie

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy. Spoiler alert: Harrison Ford’s character, Han Solo, died in the newest “Star Wars” movie. Some fans have...

Campus Profile: Humans of GC

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula. Humans of GC posted their first social media story in 2015 to collect stories and photos of...

Campus Profile: Dr. Cary Holman

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula. Dr. Cary Holman, a communication professor at Greenville College, will retire after Spring of 2016. He contributed...

When the Beat Drops…Vandes Answers!

Written by Kristen Davis. Media by Thomas Hajny. Vandes D. Jackson II grew up in the heart of the Washington Heights (the heights) neighborhood, one...

Trey Brockman: The Inside Story

Written by: Kristen Davis | Media by: Thomas Hajny Trey Brockman is a junior at Greenville College. He was homeschooled from grade school through high...

Deloy’s Opinions

Deloy Cole is a man of many opinions. For those of you who don't know him, he is the head of the Digital Media department and CIS (Computer Information Systems) here at Greenville College. I sat down with Deloy to talk about anything and everything from Justin Bieber to Bro tanks.

Searching For the David Weyers | Talking About GC’s Bass Fishing...

This year marked the start of Greenville College's very first bass fishing team. I went looking for and found the team's President, David Weyers, and asked him a few questions about himself, bass fishing, the birth of GC's team, and what it's like being my roommate. Scroll for related media.

Artist Spotlight: Kiah Kelsen

Article and Media by Michael Trieb Name Kiah Kelsen Year at Greenville Junior Major Music Business

Artist Spotlight: Chase Weber

Interview and Media by Mikey Trieb. Name Chase Weber Year at Greenville Senior Major Audio Engineering

Richard Huston Named Volunteer of the Year

Interview by Kevin Dunne. Media by Zach Bonner. Dr. Richard Huston, chair of the History Department at Greenville College, was awarded the Volunteer of the Year Award from Greenville Federal Institute. Huston has been volunteering for three years, preparing Spanish speaking inmates for the GED examination. I sat down with Dr. Huston in his office to ask him about his time volunteering at the prison.