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Thanks Be to God

Written and Media by Kristyn Ewing. As I sit in the passenger seat thinking about each house as it passes by, I think about what's...

Track Athletes Give Recap of Meet

Written and Media by Austin Brinkman. On Saturday Feb. 13 the women’s and men’s team competed up north at Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL. Greenville...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Interviews

By Kristi Reindl Media by Bri Phillips It’s that time, seniors! Graduation is just around the corner and professors, parents, friends, etc. are asking you the same question: what’s the next step? You’re probably tired of the question, especially if you’re not entirely sure what that next step is. Along with the excitement of graduating, there seems to be an endless cycle of stress: saying goodbye, those wonderful student loans calling your name, job searching, and, oh yes, job interviews. First time interviews can toss your nerves into a jumble. You’re not looking for part time shifts at McDonald’s anymore. Hello, real world! Preparation time before the actual interview reduces your stress level and builds confidence more than you realize. Interested to learn how? Here are a few key tips on how to make a lasting impression. Your resume plays an important role in this process, but how to spice it up the right way can be a little tricky. When you hand over that resume, employers are going to look for the qualifications they have put into the job description; make sure they find those credentials and include as many extra skills as possible. Show that you can do some difficult things. If you could have a second major that you don’t necessarily love but you can do it, it will be worthwhile on your resume. Make yourself stand out.