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Tad Armstrong Colloquium

Written by Kevin Dunne. Media by Jess Sturgeon. This year’s Ormond Church & State Lecture welcomed Tad Armstrong to Greenville College onthe tenth. Armstrong, a practicing attorney in Edwardsville and author of the book, It’s OK ToSay God, spoke during the chapel hour, as well as in Snyder 104. In chapel, Armstrong spokeabout the importance of being informed and educated about the Constitution, important SupremeCourt cases dealing with religion, and the gradual loss of freedoms. Dr. Richard Huston, head of the history department at Greenville College, introduced Armstrong at both chapel and the colloquium. Armstrong spoke very passionately about theses pressing issues that affect our country today andwhat we can to do combat the forces of ignorance. He has even set up Constitution clubs, whichhe is active in, to help educate people about U.S. history, the Constitution, and the processes androles of the government. One of the overarching themes was why the issue of church and state,expressly pertaining to Christianity, has become so widespread. Armstrong proposed that thedemographics have changed. It is not the Constitution, by and large, that has changed, butpeople, rather that have. The fact that Christian representation has diminished, Armstrong believes, causes so many issues.