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What To Do When There’s “Nothing To Do”

Sometimes it may seem like there isn't much to do on campus. Between classes and extracurricular activities, it feels like there isn't much else...

Joyous Chaos! (Improv Show)

Come get a good laugh by watching the famous Joyous Chaos improv team. There is a lot of randomness going on, but satisfying. Lots...

Joyous Chaos Improv Show!

This is the third show that Joyous Choas has performed this semester. They started out their show with a video they created about ASMR....

Joyous Chaos Super Dope Improv Show

This is the second improv show Joyous Chaos has performed this semester at Greenville University and they never disappoint. Come and laugh with the...

Finding Joy in the Chaos

These days, the majority of college kids, especially if they go to Greenville University, have to constantly invent new ways to entertain themselves. Even...

The Late Show With Joyous Chaos

On Monday evening at 9:30 p.m., passersby could hear laughter from LaDue Auditorium caused by none other than the Greenville University Improvisation Team, otherwise...

Joyous Chaos: A Night of Laughs

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Ethan Maurer. If you attend Greenville University then you have definitely heard of Joyous Chaos. If you do not...

Improv: President’s Day 2017

Media by Olivia Maurer. In case you missed the President's Day Joyous Chaos show, view it here! Check out their Facebook page for more information.

No Shortage of Chaos

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Paige Lunde. If you weren’t in LaDue Auditorium on October 21, you missed out on an absolutely hilarious performance....

Greenville College: A Freshman’s Perspective

Written by Johnathon Goodenow. Media by Kayla Morton. Greenville College has been an amazing experience for me as a freshman. I learned about relationships, faith,...