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The North Korea Crisis Continues

Written by Matthew Harper DM by Bobby Williams In what is turning out to be the news story of early 2013, the worldwide tensions over North Korea’s nuclear threats have yet to dissipate. Now a full two months into the crisis, it seems that Kim Jong-un’s nation isn’t likely to follow up any of their attack threats, but will instead attempt another mid-range missile test

North Korea Situation Continues to Escalate

It seems that Kim Jong-un is not going to back down from his never-ending threats as of late. The North Korean crisis appears to be getting more serious on a daily basis, and many countries are now prepared to deal with any possible military action by any involved side. On April 5, the small communist nation moved mid-range missile launchers to its eastern coast. According to Fox News, North Korea moved a missile with “considerable range to its east coast after an unnamed spokesman for the North Korean army warned the U.S. that its military has been cleared to wage an attack using ‘smaller, lighter and diversified’ nuclear weapons.” Furthermore, North Korean officials have supposedly warned foreign embassies within the nation that, after Wednesday, April 10, they “cannot guarantee the safety of diplomats.” BBC News says that both Russia and the United Kingdom are standing firm and saying that they have “no immediate plans to evacuate their embassies in the North Korean capital.”