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League of Learning: Top Lane

Written and Media by Miguel Fabela. Welcome soon-to-be Summoners! Hopefully, you have seen the past articles about the e-sport "League of Legends." If you haven’t,...

League of Learning: Attack Damage Carry

Written and Media by Miguel Fabela. Hello, and welcome to another article about League of Legends! Yes, you got it right! League of Legends, the eSport....

Game Scout: Free Games

Article and DM by Zach Bonner Are you bored? Are you broke? Are you BOTH??? Well my friend, you've come to the right place! Whether you like strategy, shooters, tower defense, RPG, or MMO, I'll do my best to find something you can lose track of time playing. A Mech Warrior style game, with a squad based feel. It has a similar game play style to Battlefield, but an infinitely smaller price-tag.