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Lego Masters: The Best Competition Show on Now?

If you have a pulse, you've more than likely heard of Lego. It's one of the most popular brands of toys out there nowadays....

Marvel’s Women of Power

Written by Erin Lobner. Media by Courtney Murphy.   On March 3, Marvel Games and Marvel Publishing launched “Women of Power” initiatives, updating and celebrating many...

The Lego Movie Review

“Everything is Awesome.” These are the words that will come out of the mouth of about everybody who has seen The LEGO Movie when asked about it. I am here to inform you that that statement is inaccurate. It is NOT awesome. It is NOT a lot of things. For example, it is NOT just for children and it was NOT made for children. It is NOT a generic story with Legos thrown in. It is NOT boring. It is NOT dumb.