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Live Arts Contest Winners

The Live Arts Contest is a competition for young aspiring writers. Greenville College hosted the contest primarily for high school and college writers around the area, but it was also open to Christian institutions all-around the country.

Upriver: Ch.11 “To China”

The Story So Far: Hiding in a tree, Iah and Vinny figure they are doomed for sure when one of Rattler Cole’s men looks up and calls out, “Found them!”

Upriver: Ch. 9 “The Storm”

The Story So Far: Eleven-year-old Iah Thomas just came up with a new plan for rescuing the kidnapped Vinny Hemshaw, who is stowed away in a crate in the hold of the Capitol.

Upriver: Ch. 8 “Wrestling with the Facts”

The Story So Far: Iah Thomas is feeling discouraged in his efforts to rescue Vinca Hemshaw, the kidnapped girl whom he has discovered tied up in a crate in the hold of the Capitol.

Upriver: Ch. 1 “Fear”

The year is 1867, and Iah Thomas, an eleven-year-old boy from St. Louis, is working at his uncle’s trading post in the Dakota Territory while his mother recovers from an illness.

Live Arts Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance! If some of you are curious about what exactly this means, please allow me to explain myself. Those of us here at the Papyrus are excited to present to you a contest of epic proportions. Since you are reading this, you obviously are aware that the Papyrus publishes news articles that are written by the students here at GC, but what if we went deeper than that?