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Top 6 GU Professors as Disney Characters

If you're like me and grew up watching Disney movies, you've probably spent a good amount of time wondering which Disney character you think...

The Magnificast

Written by Regina Sanders. Media by Kayla Morton. In today’s age, there is a podcast on almost anything. Do you want a serial drama about...

Meet Matt Bernico!

Written by Kaylie Weideman. Media by Momoka Murata. Matt Bernico is an Assistant professor of Communication and Media Studies at Greenville University and has been since...

Kaufmann Building Grand Opening

Media and Article by Olivia Maurer and Courtney Murphy On April 28th, Greenville College officially opened the Kaufmann Building which will be a building dedicated...

“The Walking Dead” Eschatology

What is the apocalypse according to The Walking Dead? The Walking Dead plays off the usual tropes of the zombie and horror genre. The dead are re-animated through a disease or plague of unknown origin. In 28 Days Later (2002), a zombie plague is unleashed through a virus transmitted from lab animals to humans. 28 Days Later gives us an apocalyptic image that is utterly accidental. The outbreak or plague is never planned for, but it is the accident or catastrophe of modern science or civilization. In the case of the zombie outbreak, it is an accident of science reaching too far.