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Putting The Phone Down For Once

Cell phones are one of the most advanced technologies people have ever had. A cell phone can be a replacement for many things, such...

Marketing on Social Media or: Why Is Sunny D Suicidal?

Content warning: brief mention of depression, suicide https://twitter.com/sunnydelight/status/1092247574336163840 Way back in the day, in the year 1926, there was a company that produced a brushless shaving cream called Burma-Shave....

Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?

There is a trend in “Generation Y” or in “the Millennials” where people are becoming less religious and attending church less frequently. Millennial is a term that generally refers to a person who is born somewhere between 1980 and 2000. So, if there is a decrease in church and religious activity in this age group, what has caused it? What makes this generation different than the one before it?