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Trick or Treating: Dorm Edition!

Greenville University had held a fun Halloween event for the community to enjoy on Halloween! Trick or treaters were able to walk through the...

Down Nostalgia Way

As college students, most of us appreciate movies. We are also at an age where we like to reminisce about what we sued to love in the past. In recent years, these two things have come together. Disney Pixar studios have started brining back movie franchises that have say dormant for a few years with some pretty significant success.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review: Why Monster Hunter?

Some games aim to please every demographic, others fail to attract anybody, but the best games target people who do nothing else, but game. If you fit into that last group I described, then Monster Hunter is the game for you. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game of infinite frustration and satisfaction, from the first to the last hunt. I had first heard of Monster Hunter when I was scouring the internet for game cheats and it just so happened that advertisements for Monster Hunter Tri plagued every website I visited.